Integrated Alliances

When you work with Integrated Alliances and its founder Mike O’Neil you are working with a legendary team that began helping individuals and companies utilize LinkedIn starting in 2004, many years before the term “Social Media” was even coined.

In the 18 years since its inception, Integrated Alliances has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers and partners. In 2022 and beyond, the company is focused on the following suite of services that rise above the others.

♦ Entertaining and educational speaker for events and conferences

LinkedIn and Sales Navigator training for executive teams and sales teams

♦ Personalized LinkedIn coaching for individuals and small groups

♦ LinkedIn “done for you” lead generation campaign services for individuals, teams

Event Speaker

Integrated Alliances founder Mike O’Neil presents at US and International in-person business events and conferences in a super-entertaining manner that genuinely educates the audience and makes them smile. Topics are usually based on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Social Media and technology – all looking to the future.

Sales Navigator Expert

Integrated Alliances has been an expert on Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s sales and marketing version, since its inception in 2014. We have been at the forefront as it has evolved over the years. With very few exceptions, all of our customers are Sales Navigator users and many are now experts.

Team Trainer

The relevant curriculum and energetic style are the same for classroom-style or web-based training. We take advantage of what users already know and fill in the gaps, so nothing is missed. Everyone has the same base. 

Then we expand everyone’s knowledge with Sales Navigator and unique processes that take the education process to a whole new level. Specific applications methodically identify and engage your target audiences. 

Some groups choose to go even further by adopting special automation systems and implementing data integration with their CRM systems like Hubspot, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Personalized LinkedIn Coach

Individuals and small groups can receive personalized help through weekly Integrated Alliances Zoom calls. A standard process is followed, but there is much room for exploring new ideas.

With personalized coaching, there is usually a hunger for knowledge and a desire to take LinkedIn operations into your own hands, but with an expert to guide you along the way.

Done For You LinkedIn Campaigns

Those with grand plans and less time opt for a more “done for you” campaign service that regularly puts them in touch with their hand-picked target audience. Special software systems, guided by true experts, make this possible. Users focus on the responses (leads) generated by the process while we run the operations for you.

Take The Next Step

If you see something here that resonates with you, go ahead and book a free 45-minute call to explore what the process might look like for you.